Rock Ed Celebrates Batch HS 2009!
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A majority of our projects came to be because of the volunteer roster. We understand that this is an unusual route for a volunteer group. Instead of the project preceding the people, Rock Ed’s trend has been people come in first before projects. So, the idea of “Project: FRESH TAKE” is exactly that –a mere reaction to the existence of our many volunteer photographers.

As a way of congratulating HIGH SCHOOL Batch 2009, Rock Ed decided to provide free graduation photo-sessions to public high schools! Our first FRESH TAKE visit will be today, February 10, 2009 at the KRUS NA LIGAS High School by the outskirts of UP Diliman. Our project head coordinator this year is photographer Gabrielle Cantero and the project’s maiden voyage happens to be her 20th birthday. Right now, all our resources go towards renting lights, togas, setting up tents and a decent photo booth. The photographers will take care of the cameras, memory cards, editing and sorting by class. Rock Ed is still on the look-out for financial support so that we can carry this project through to fruition. That translates to: we REALLY need cash (or equipment support) donations in order to print at least twenty (20) copies per high school graduate. So far, all we have are photographers, the physical set-up of booths and tents. We were able to rent a set of lights for a good price (thank you, David Hanson) and the willingness to wake up at 5am to start taking photos all the way til 3pm on an ordinary Tuesday.

Make this your alumni batch project! (hard sell)

If you’d like to help out with this project we need:

1. Photographers with DSLRs willing to wake up early and take photos.
2. Rent money for lighting set-up – or lend us your lights, OR come and take the photos with your lights.
3. Rent money for tents that serve as temporary photo-studios.
4. Rent money for togas OR maybe if you have a dressmaking business (tailoring, too) maybe you can donate togas instead. (whee)
5. Tell us where or how we can make or buy our own graduation hats. (is that what they’re called?)
6. Water, juice, some food for the FRESH TAKE TEAM on photo days in schools.
7. Administrative coordination with the public school near you, if you can talk to their Prinicipal, ask them for: a) number of Seniors graduating b) available schedule for photo day c) willingness to attend a Fresh Take gathering of seniors early April.
8. Volunteer marshals to facilitate movement of student lines on photo-day.
9. Money for printing out copies to be given out to students. (or donate a decent photo printer! that’s the dream)
10. Donate or solicit for a decent photo-printer from Canon, HP or Epson.
11. Donate or solicit for a decent photo-printer from Canon, HP or Epson. (Wait, I think I said that already. Okay, we end at #10 then.)